EMaBS current Masters and PhD students

Juliet Ndibazza (Makerere University); co-supervised with Dr Birgitte Vennervald: “Effects of helminth infections on susceptibility to malaria.” Funding Wellcome Trust, Malaria Capacity Development Consortium.    Commenced 2009.  Dr Ndibazza undertook a Masters degree, and then a PhD, with EMaBS.  She has submitted her PhD thesis and is preparing her defence.  She is currently a senior scientist with the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS, working in Masaka.

Alex Mentzer (University of Oxford). “Genetics of the immune response to vaccination in infancy”.    Funding, Wellcome Trust.  Commenced 2014.

Angela Nalwoga (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine). “ Testing for KSHV, EBV and malaria among five year old children and mothers in the Entebbe Mother and Baby Study stored samples.” Commenced 2013.

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